Irwin Mango (Apple mango) looks in an oblong shape with orange flesh inside and red skin which is not eatable. Irwin retains a 12 °Brix, a fine-grained texture, little fiber and full fragrance. It will ripen itself and ready to eat under the room temperature for several days.

  • Cultivation Regions: Taiwan
  • Production Season / Variety:
    May-Jul/Irwin Mango, May-Aug/Gin Hwan Mango, Aug-Sep/Kent Mango.
  • Packing: N.W : 5kgs/ctn, G.W : 6kgs/ctn.
  • Count size: 8'’s、10's、12's、14's、16's、18's
  • 20'rf:1,000ctns, 40'rf:2,000ctns